African Aviators Webinar Series Starts on 9/11: Meet the PILOTS

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September 11th 2021 marks exactly 20 years after one of the darkest days in aviation history. The terrorist hijackings and attacks on the World trade Center  plus other targets forever changed our industry and the way we travel

20 years on and the industry faces another truly great challenge. The covid pandemic has reversed years of progress in global aviation and years from now, the next generation will look to it and mark it as another game changer

On 9/11 2021, the African Aviators webinar series launches its first episode, focused on Pilots. It will be the start of a monthly series focused on inspiring Africans to take practical steps to enter the aviation industry. It is an initiative of the African aviation group (on facebook), Aviadev Africa and Airspace Africa, with the headline support of Embraer

Most of the aspiring aviators that will attend the series will not understand 9/11 as they were either too young or even not yet born, but they will understand the impact of the Corona virus pandemic and how it is shaping their aviation prospects.

This webinar does not dwell on the doom and gloom of this crisis but rather looks to the outlook of the next few years of recovery and the projected demand for aviation professionals that future growth will bring.

In a recent Aviadev Insight Africa podcast to launch the series, Jon Howell, CEO and founder at Aviadev sat down with the founder of the African Aviation Group, Chidozie Uzo and Airspace Africa founder and CEO, Derek Nseko to discuss why they created this initiative and its significance to the future of African Aviation

Why are we doing this?

Chidozie Uzo said: “The aim of this webinar series is first of all to provide information and help bridge the information gap around aviation careers. It is important to expose the other professions in the industry so that prospective aviators can make better informed decisions”

Chidozie Uzo also pointed to motivation and encouragement as important to grassroots empowerment.  “We want to provide the required inspiration especially for females who are discouraged by stereotypes around the industry”

Jon Howell highlighted the importance of finding solutions to the most pressing challenge for the next generation in Africa – finances.  “We will speak to those who have faced these challenges and crossed the financial hurdles” he said

Jon Howell also called for the industry to follow Embraer’s lead and support grassroots initiatives emphasizing that multi stakeholder support is needed and that Grassroots work is for the greater benefit of the entire industry

“We hope for broader institutions to come on board and support us as we find solutions as well as support some of the most passionate and deserving aviators on the continent. We would also like to have more opportunities for aviators at the end of the line”

Derek Nseko addressed some of the pressing challenges to the African industry but emphasized that it is important for young people to understand that there is a place for everyone in this industry

In order to build a sustainable future, we need to match skills to demand and adequately feed the entire aviation ecosystem.” he said

No matter what your skillset is, there is a place for you in the aviation industry”

This webinar series is for everyone that loves aviation, for those who are looking for practical advice and inspiration on how to map their way into the industry and mainly for all young Africans who we believe form the future of our industry

Here are the guests for Episode one: Pilots

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza is an Ex Airline Pilot, a Digital Illustrator, and Entrepreneur from Soweto. She has been flying for 13 years and has flown for SA Express, South African Airways and Emirates and currently holds an Airline Transport Pilot License. She was part of the 100 ‘Brightest Young Minds SA’ in 2014 and was the recipient of the CEO Magazines ‘Most Influential Woman in Aviation’ in 2018/19. She is the founder of Fly Like A Girl, a company who’s mission is to expose children to aviation and STEM through educational toys. She is also the founder of Layover Art, an art deco company that designs and sells her art prints and art curated products, and handmade earrings brand.

Capt. Haig Anyony

Haig trained in Nairobi, Kenya at CMC Aviation flying school and Ninety-Nines Flying School. Qualifications/Licences: Haig currently has an ATPL licence and a TRI (Type Rating Instructor) and TRE (Type Rating Examiner) on aircraft and simulators, plus additional qualifications in Safety and Quality management systems Before joining KQ, Haig flew UN missions in Somalia and Sudan on the BE200, C208B. Joining the airline enabled Haig to acquire ratings on the B777, B767, B737CL, B737 NG and Embraer 170/190, Haig is currently in his 15th year of service with Kenya Airways PLC. Haig’s interest in aviation began early with his father being an army aviator flying helicopters in the Kenya Army.

Nuga Pavali

Nuga Pavali is an aspiring pilot from Nigeria. He has always wanted to be in the aviation industry since he was a child. Nuga’s ultimate goal in the aviation industry is to be a Senior Training Captain on the Boeing 777 so he can impact the upcoming generation with his wealth of knowledge and also learn from them. Nuga is currently wrapping up his university study with a degree in Law after which he will move into the aviation industry. He hopes to kick start his aviation career as a Fight Dispatcher before joining flight school to train as a pilot.

A special thanks to Embraer who have sponsored the series


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