1MTN: Pioneering Carbon Removal for a Sustainable Africa and Aviation’s Role

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The aviation industry is soaring towards a more sustainable future, with a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This ambitious goal is an essential step in combatting climate change and reducing the environmental impact of aviation. As part of this journey, innovative companies like 1MTN are paving the way in pioneering carbon removal initiatives across Africa, offering the aviation industry a unique opportunity to align and contribute to a greener planet.

Aviation’s Sustainability Agenda

The aviation industry has recognized the need to address its carbon footprint and is actively pursuing a broader sustainability agenda. The sector is investing in new technologies, alternative fuels, and operational improvements to reduce emissions. However, a significant component of this agenda revolves around carbon removal and offsetting. Airlines and organizations are increasingly seeking innovative ways to remove the carbon dioxide they emit, and this is where 1MTN comes into the picture.

1MTN: A Profile in Sustainable Excellence

1MTN is a high-quality nature-based carbon removal project developer with a profound mission – to restore one million hectares of degraded land in Africa by 2030. The company’s approach is multi-faceted, with a strong emphasis on biodiversity management and the sustainable livelihoods of local communities. Here’s a closer look at the core principles and practices that define 1MTN:

  1. Restoring Degraded Lands: 1MTN focuses on idle and degraded lands in East Africa, ensuring that these lands have been devoid of forest cover for at least a decade. By restoring these lands, the company contributes to increased carbon sequestration while also revitalizing ecosystems.
  2. Bamboo, the Carbon Sequestration Champion: As part of their mission, 1MTN strategically plants polyculture native bamboo, one of the most effective carbon sequestration plants on Earth. This ensures that carbon removal is at the forefront of their efforts.
  3. Emphasis on Biodiversity: 1MTN’s commitment to biodiversity management ensures that only native or naturalized species are planted, preserving and restoring the natural habitat in addition to sequestering carbon.
  4. Creating Jobs and Sustainable Communities: Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of 1MTN’s work is the creation of thousands of jobs in Africa, providing a sustainable future for local communities. This not only contributes to economic development but also empowers people to protect their environment.
  5. Guided by ESG and SDGs: Every action 1MTN takes aligns with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. They directly contribute to eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including goals related to poverty reduction, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption, climate action, and life on land.
  6. Giving Back: In addition to their core mission, 1MTN donates a proportion of their revenue to the Foundation. The Foundation’s initiatives provide access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, sustainable agriculture practices, and security for crops and villagers, further improving the lives of local communities.
1mtn co-founders, Anete Garoza and Kristjan Raude

Aviation’s Role in Partnership with 1MTN

As the aviation industry seeks ways to offset its emissions and contribute to a sustainable future, companies like 1MTN offer a strategic partnership opportunity. Airlines can collaborate with 1MTN to support their carbon removal projects in Africa, directly contributing to their net-zero carbon emissions goals.

This partnership not only allows airlines to remove carbon from the atmosphere but also supports local communities and biodiversity. It’s a win-win scenario that aligns with the aviation industry’s sustainability agenda and creates positive impacts for people and the planet.

1MTN Co-Founder, Anete Garoza says “The aviation industry’s active involvement in the 1MTN initiative is a promising step forward in addressing climate change. By committing to carbon removal and sustainable practices, aviation not only acknowledges its carbon footprint but also takes responsibility for mitigating it. This initiative showcases the industry’s dedication to reducing emissions and fostering a more sustainable future. As the aviation sector embraces these efforts, it can set an example for other industries, demonstrating that collective action and innovation are key to achieving climate goals.”

The aviation industry has set its sights on a greener, more sustainable future, and companies like 1MTN are instrumental in achieving these goals. By working together, aviation and carbon removal pioneers like 1MTN can make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change, restoring ecosystems, and fostering sustainable development across the African continent. As we look towards 2050 and the aviation industry’s net-zero commitment, collaborations like this will play a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable and carbon-neutral world.

Learn more and get in touch with 1MTN HERE

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