Kenya Airways Joins The Sustainable Flight Challenge for Second Edition

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Kenya Airways (KQ) has announced its participation in the second edition of ‘The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) 2023,’ organized by the SkyTeam alliance.

The Sustainable Flight Challenge, initiated by SkyTeam, aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices within the airline industry through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Participating airlines, including Kenya Airways, will operate a selected route using creativity, partnership, and innovation to achieve the most sustainable flight operations. A panel of international judges from the sustainability and aviation sectors will evaluate the airlines’ performance across seven categories and 24 subcategories.

In the previous edition, Kenya Airways demonstrated its dedication to sustainability and received recognition in two categories. The airline was honored with the ‘Best Partnership’ award for its collaboration with Nas Servair, as well as the ‘Best Employee Engagement’ accolade.

This year, Kenya Airways will participate in a long-haul return flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam and back to Nairobi. The departure is scheduled for May 25th, 2023, via KQ 116 at 08:20, with the return flight, KQ 117, departing from Amsterdam on the same day at 20:40.

Kenya Airways has taken several key actions to ensure a sustainable flight experience for passengers and reduce its environmental footprint. The airline will operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, renowned for its advanced technologies and superior fuel efficiency of up to 20% compared to other long-haul aircraft.

In an effort to offset carbon emissions, passengers on the flight will have the opportunity to participate in a voluntary carbon offsetting program. Contributions made by passengers will support credible environmental sustainability initiatives qualified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Emphasizing the importance of sustainable travel, Kenya Airways encourages passengers to travel light, minimizing excess weight that can impact fuel consumption. The airline has also collaborated with its catering partner to develop a special organic menu using locally sourced products for all passengers. To further reduce food waste, passengers are invited to pre-order their meals in advance.

Additionally, Kenya Airways aims to promote e-mobility on the ground by offering electronic transportation for passengers and staff from designated pick-up points to the airport before the flight and vice versa. This initiative will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with traditional fuel-based vehicles.

The airline has implemented various fuel efficiency initiatives across its operations, including flight dispatch, flight operations, maintenance, and engineering. These measures demonstrate Kenya Airways’ dedication to optimizing operations and reducing carbon emissions.

Participating in ‘The Sustainable Flight Challenge’ aligns with Kenya Airways’ long-term sustainability plan and commitment to responsible air travel. The airline remains focused on achieving environmental goals while providing exceptional service to its passengers.

By actively engaging in initiatives that prioritize sustainability and innovation, Kenya Airways contributes to the collective efforts within the aviation industry to build a greener and more sustainable future for air travel.

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