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Lufthansa Group Increases Capacity to East Africa with Daily Flights to Nairobi and More

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Lufthansa Group is set to increase its capacity to East Africa, with the introduction of daily flights to Nairobi starting from June 3rd, 2023. This is the first time the airline will operate daily flights all year round to Nairobi, and it is in response to the increasing demand for air travel in the region.

The airline’s General Manager East Africa, Kevin Markette, said that the move was driven by the significant increase in demand and resurgence in travel, speaking in a recent interview with Airspace Africa.

But Lufthansa’s expansion plans are not limited to Nairobi. The airline will also increase Eurowings Discover’s (its leisure airline) flight schedule to Mombasa from four to five weekly flights from June 20th until September 12th, 2023. These additional flights will cater to the growing demand for travel to the Kenyan coast during the peak season.

Brussels Airlines, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, will also increase its capacity by adding an additional weekly flight between Brussels and Kigali, which was originally planned to be a seasonal increase but will now continue all throughout the winter season of 2023. The airline also offers daily flights between Brussels and Entebbe and twice-weekly flights between Brussels and Bujumbura, making it the only European airline to offer flights to the latter East African city.

Markette also highlighted that Lufthansa’s strategic plan for East Africa is to enhance its presence in the region. The airline also sees a positive growth potential in the aviation sector within the East African region in the coming years, and Lufthansa’s role is to provide connectivity. Customers will have more options, convenience and price elasticity when traveling.

Partnerships and challenges

Partnerships are also an important path for growth in the region, according to Markette. Although he couldn’t delve into the details of the partnerships, Kevin highlighted their importance to the airline’s expansion plans that will enhance its presence and provide more value to customers.

However, the ongoing conflict in Sudan has had a significant impacte in Lufthansa’s operations in the region. Although there is no impact on capacity or demand at the moment, the airline has been forced to take a longer flight path to avoid the Sudan Airspace.

Lufthansa’s expansion plans come at a time when the aviation industry is recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline has made significant investments in safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of its customers and employees. The airline has also introduced a flexible booking policy, allowing customers to change their travel plans without incurring additional fees.

The Lufthansa Group remains committed to sustainability, and until 2030, the group’s airlines will have at least 190 newly delivered and fuel-saving aircraft in service. This significant investment in the future will reduce kerosene consumption and CO₂ emissions by up to 30 percent on each flight. The group aims to lead aviation into a sustainable future and become carbon neutral by 2050.

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