AerCap Releases Sixth Annual ESG Report, Highlighting Commitment to Sustainable Aviation

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AerCap Holdings, a global leader in aircraft leasing, has published its sixth annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for the year ended December 31, 2022. The report showcases AerCap’s dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices, and includes detailed disclosures on its environmental, social, and governance initiatives. The ESG Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and can be accessed on AerCap’s website.

Key highlights of the report demonstrate AerCap’s progress and achievements in various areas:

Board-level ESG Committee: AerCap successfully concluded the first full year of its Board-level ESG Committee, which oversees the company’s ESG strategy and initiatives, highlighting its commitment to integrating sustainability into its operations.

Fuel-efficient aircraft fleet: AerCap’s owned aircraft fleet comprises approximately 66% fuel-efficient, new technology aircraft by net book value, furthering its progress towards achieving its goal of 75% new technology aircraft by 2024. This underscores AerCap’s commitment to investing in environmentally friendly aviation technology.

Government Affairs function: AerCap established a Government Affairs function that focuses on legislative developments and strategic matters related to aircraft leasing, aviation sustainability, and ESG. This reflects the company’s proactive approach to engaging with policymakers and driving positive change in the aviation industry.

Sustainability Charter: AerCap became a signatory of Aircraft Leasing Ireland’s inaugural Sustainability Charter in October 2022, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability best practices and collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) framework: AerCap launched a DEIB framework, emphasizing its commitment to promoting gender diversity in the aviation industry. Currently, 44% of AerCap’s employees and 25% of its senior management are women, showcasing its efforts towards creating a more inclusive work environment.

Charitable contributions: Together with its employees, AerCap donated over $800,000 to charitable and social causes and partnerships in 2022, highlighting its commitment to giving back to communities and making a positive social impact.

ESG Rating: AerCap’s “A” rating was reaffirmed by MSCI ESG Ratings in December 2022, recognizing its strong performance in environmental, social, and governance areas.

Stacey Cartwright, Chair of AerCap’s Board’s ESG Committee, expressed her satisfaction with the progress made in the first year of the Committee’s establishment, stating, “We view sustainability as an integral part of the company’s strategy which is why we established a Board-level ESG Committee in 2021. We are really pleased with the progress we have made in what was the first year of this Committee as we lead our industry towards a more sustainable future.”

Aengus Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of AerCap, highlighted the company’s position as a leader in the aviation industry and its commitment to sustainability, saying, “2022 was a monumental year for AerCap as we successfully integrated GECAS to create an unrivaled leader in aviation with significant global reach and scale. We are at the forefront of aircraft leasing and this position underlines the leadership role we have to play in shaping the sustainability journey of our industry…To date, we have now invested approximately $45 billion in new technology aircraft, more than any other airline or lessor, underlining our commitment to leading-edge investment.”

AerCap’s sixth annual ESG Report reflects its commitment to sustainable aviation practices and highlights its achievements and progress in various areas. As a leading aviation lessor, AerCap is dedicated to promoting the growth of aviation globally in a responsible and sustainable manner, while ensuring best-in-class governance and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry

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