Ethiopian Airlines MRO, on track to be the next Lufthansa Technik of America, receives major Vote from UTD Aviation to the 2023 Topshop awards

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The 145 Topshop awards


Established to discern component repair facilities that strive to deliver results that are a cut above the rest, the 145 Topshop has existed for 14 years. In Honor of companies that strive for innovating new technologies, that have employees that go the extra mile to deliver superior customer support, quick turn-around-times and superior workmanship. It was about time to spotlight those who help make the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) industry the benchmark of excellence and Ethiopian Airlines MRO Falling in this category was no exception.

The Top Shop Awards has become one of the most coveted aviation maintenance awards in the world. With over two hundred and seventy-five awards presented, in as many as twenty-five repair categories, the annual awards are now an industry event that aviation professionals look forward to each and every year.

The 145 will be presenting the awards at the MRO Americas in Dallas, Texas, April 26-28th 2023 .Aviation is a zero-error industry and flying IS the safest means of transportation  When it comes to aviation maintenance, perfection is not some abstract concept it’s a goal to be achieved every day and thus taking Africa’s biggest MRO on this nomination list.

Ethiopian MRO Services

Established in 1957 as technical services with over 3000 well trained technical personnel. Ethiopian Airlines MRO got an FAA approved repair station in 1968 and EASA part 145 approval on B737NG, B757, B767 and B777 in November 2011. Both FAA/EASA approved engine and component repair shops in addition to a Boeing, Bombardier and GE accredited repair station. Servicing Africa and Middle East for more than Four decades now Ethiopian Airlines is truly the African guru in MROs.

With 6 hangers, structure shop, cabin maintenance, engine Shop, repair Shop, Test cell, Wheel and brake and a component shop. The first and only African FAA and EASA approved MRO also has original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Licenses which include a Boeing Authorized Airframe and Powe plant maintenance Facility, De Havilland Authorized Service Facility (ASF) for Q100/200/300/400 and Overhaul level OEM licenses for a variety of engines, brakes, wheel assembly, landing gears, propeller hubs and blades.

With Airframe, engine maintenance, engine test cell, APU Maintenance, component maintenance, structural repair, repair shops, calibration laboratory, preservation and de-preservation services.


Why Ethiopian MRO Services is the best Choice

Long and Rich experience of personnel is a class apart feature for Ethiopian an attribute most airlines MRO do not possess, low labor cost base, short turn-around time a major predicament faced by MROs mostly in the US due to labor shortage. Quality dependable services, Approvals by prominent authorities such as FAA and EASA and then by OEMs. A one stop shopping with a barrel of diverse-in-house capability on Airframe, engine, and component maintenance in addition to training of its own staff and third party.


To vote for Ethiopian Airlines MRO kindly click on the below


By Ronnie Afema

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