Air Tanzania Passengers Can Now Pay for Tickets in Installments

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Air Tanzania has announced the launch of a new innovative payment option targeted at lower income passengers and in a bid to attract new travellers. Passengers can now book and pay for their tickets in instalments

The arrangement has been impliment through collaboration with financial institutions

Air Tanzania’s Edward Nkwambi said “Through this initiative, potential passengers will enter a contract with the financial institutions for payment,”

the institution will be notified and send the money to ATCL while the passenger continues to pay in installments until the final payment.”

An initial payment of 50,000 Tanzania Shillings is required to pay through the new product with the rest being paid in one’s own time

The potential passenger is required to first book the flight and issue the first installment where they will be awarded an electronic miscellaneous document- EMD to show that payment was received and after finalizing payment, will be issued with a ticket.

We believe this will ease booking and increase the number of passengers using ATCL, said the airline’s CEO Ladislaus Matindi

In case of a trip cancellation, the airline’s already existing framework and conditions will still apply to tickets purchased through instalments

As part of a campaign to market the new product and the airline, a special offer is currently active where should any person book tickets for 5 others, they are subject to a 50% discount on their expense

Air Tanzania operates a 9 aircraft with a domestic, regional and intercontinental network. The fleet includes 5 De Havilland Canada Dash8s , 2 Airbus A220s and 2 Boeing 787 Dreamliners

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