Skyworld Aviation Announces Sale of Second ERJ 145 Aircraft to Mwant Jet

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Skyworld Aviation, a UK-based independent regional aircraft marketing agent, today announced the sale of a second ERJ 145 aircraft to Mwant Jet of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The new aircraft with serial number 145570 follows 145601 which was sold to the airline in the height of the COVID pandemic in August 2020. The two aircraft were previously operated by UK regional airline Eastern Airways, according to

Skyworld is pleased to continue its relationship with Mwant Jet which has its operational base in Kinshasa. Both ERJ 145’s will fly alongside corporate aircraft, serving mining contracts, charter services, government contracts, as well as scheduled services,” Skyworld Aviation announced.

Established in 1996 and now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Skyworld is among the most successful regional aircraft marketing organisations in the world having concluded  610 aircraft related transactions, for around 200 clients to a value of over US$1bn.

Skyworld Aviation has its offices in the UK and Canada, and primarily offers regional aircraft marketing and lease management services to a large client base worldwide


by Victor Shalton Odhiambo

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  1. Edward Manda Reply

    The Embraer 145 aircraft has established its ‘footprint’ in African aviation by rapidly increasing the type fleet. Its load factors and operating expense equates well into the budgets small-to-medium operators.

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