Embraer’s Software Upgrade obtains EASA Clearance for E2 Steep Approach

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Embraer’s E190-E2 has received steep approach certification from EASA opening the door for airlines to operate the airplane at airports that require approach slopes greater than the typical 3.0 degrees.

The E2’s steep approach capability is enabled through a special software upgrade and installation of a Steep Approach switch on the cockpit control panel. Steep Approach is a requirement to operate at London City Airport (LCY) which sits on the doorstep of the city’s global financial district and has a 5.5-degree steep approach requirement.

During the certification testing, EASA confirmed the E190-E2 has the lowest noise levels among all new generation single aisle aircraft and will be the only jet operating at LCY certified to ICAO’s strict Chapter 14 regulation. This E190-E2 noise footprint at take-off is 63% smaller than current E190s operating from LCY.

Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer, London City Airport, said, “we are delighted that this summer the Embraer E2 will join the London City family. Our investment in eight new Code-C aircraft stands was made with this aircraft in mind. And it’s a game changer for London City as it will be able to handle more passengers, offer an expanded range and do all of this whilst being quieter and more fuel efficient. For us, it represents another milestone in more sustainable aviation and I look forward to seeing more of these aircraft across our ramp in the years to come.”

The airframer says pilots must be specially trained to fly to/from the airport. However, cockpit commonality between the E190 and E190-E2 means that E190 pilots already trained for steep approaches do not need additional simulator training to fly the E2.

The E190-E2 can fly just over 2,200 nm (4,074 km), nearly double the distance of the E190 and with 17.3% fewer CO2 emissions. That additional range brings more business and vacation markets within the E2’s capability, making possible to reach Moscow, Istanbul, Lisbon and Casablanca from LCY.

supplied: @Embraer

By Victor Shalton Odhiambo

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