Cabo Verde Airlines rises back to life after pandemic induced coma

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Cabo Verde Airlines will commence scheduled operations on June 18 with a flight between Sal Amilcar Cabral International and Lisbon. The new weekly flight will operate on Fridays connecting the archipelago through its hub in Sal Island and the Portuguese capital.

From June 28, 2021 until March 28, 2022, Cabo Verde Airlines will have four weekly flights between Praia/Sal and Lisbon on Fridays and Mondays; a weekly flight to and from Sal/Praia/Boston on Tuesdays with return on Wednesdays and a weekly flight to and from Sal/São Vicente/Paris on Saturdays with return on Sundays.

The new services will operate gradually as the airline expects to add more frequencies and destinations subject to the current pandemic conditions. The airline had halted its operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020.

The Cape Verde national carrier also informs passengers of its new passenger service system, named HITIT, a modern platform with an integrated sales operations and accounting solution and a new technology that will increase the efficiency and reliability of customer service.

Tickets Reservations re-opened on March 31, having installed the system during the downtime, enforced in March 2020, which the airline used to reorganise and train its staff.

The company seeks to offer its customers a rebate programme for unpaid flight vouchers, which allows travel to be scheduled up to three years after the issue.

We are excited that we can finally resuscitate the airline from the ashes of the pandemic. This is just the beginning, and we are looking forward to creating a better future”, – Chief Executive Officer Erlendur Svavarsson.

By Victor Shalton Odhiambo

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